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Less Sugar For Kids: Diluting Juice

Juice products tend to be highly concentrated, which means that they also have a lot of sugar.  Reducing a child’s exposure here is therefore important, especially considering how strong the link is now between sugar consumption and diabetes or obesity. More and more children are developing these conditions earlier in life.  So keeping them away from things like soda is really important.  But even the healthiest organic juice products are loaded with sugar now.  So the solution is to dilute them!

There are many advantages to diluting your juices, the first being that they end up lasting longer and therefore costing less.  If you couldn’t afford organic juices before – well – now you can!

buy aciclovir tablets 400mg Recommendations:  For every cup (200 ml) of juice given to a child, 1/3 (67 ml) should be juice, 2/3 (133 ml) should be water.

Diluting Juice 3


http://ammofightleague.com/contact/?action=evregister 1-Liter Bottle of Organic Grape Juice from D’Uva Organics:

  • Number of servings per bottle: http://happywellacademy.com/author/casslane/ 5 (about 200 ml or 1-cup)
  • Number of servings when diluted to 1/3 juice + 2/3 water:   15
  • Cost per glass if consumed in 200 ml quantities:  R$ 15 / 5 = 3 Reais
  • Cost per glass if consumed in 67 ml (1/3 cup) with 2/3 water added:  R$ 3 / 3 = 1 Real.


Places where you can find high concentrations of refined carbohydrates/sugar:

  • Soda, juice drinks, baked goods, refined pastas, etc.
  • Many processed and packaged food products (processed snack foods, processed meals).


Other reasons to keep kids away from products with refined carbohydrates/sugar:

  • It’s highly addictive.
  • It trains a child’s taste buds to expect powerful, rather than subtle flavors.  This then makes them more likely to dislike healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.
  • Creates sugar spikes that are extremely unhealthy and lead to disease.


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