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The Double Pyramid – What to Eat For Health & Environmental Sustainability

(POR) A new set of Dietary Guidelines for the Brazilian Population (LINK) was published in 2014. And although it does not contain a typical “food pyramid” diagram, it does contain clear recommendations on what to eat to maintain optimal health for both you and the environment! We will discuss those in detail in our next posting. In the meantime…

After reading it, we came to the following conclusion: If the publication actually had a food pyramid it would look like the following (see below). This food pyramid was taken from the recommendations of a well known health professional in the United States named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Information about Dr. Fuhrman is at the bottom of this posting.

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3 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Food!

(POR) There are a lot of reasons to eat organic rather than conventionally produced foods. But one of the biggest is concerned with pesticide residue. Dr. Philip Landrigan, the dean of Global Health and director of the Children’s Environmental Health Center at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine was asked the following question: “Why should parents feed their children organic fruits and vegetables and the conventionally­ grown produce that is known to have lower pesticide residues?” Leia mais

The Top 4 Safe Cosmetics Tips For Pregnant Women

(POR) The average woman uses between 9-12 personal care products per day. This means that she is exposing herself to between 126 to 168 unique chemical ingredients. All at once. Every day.  In a previous post we revealed how many harmful/toxic chemicals had been discovered in the blood of newborn babies. As many as 287. But we didn’t say where these chemicals were coming from…

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The Top 4 Safe Cosmetics Tips For Pregnant Women 1 - ENG

Cleaning Up & Recycling Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)

(POR) Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury, which is a serious health hazard to babies and children (more below). However, they are only at risk of mercury exposure and poisoning if a bulb breaks and you don’t follow a simple set of instructions to clean it up. Leia mais

Pregnant Women & Seat Belts!

(POR) Pregnant Women: The correct way to wear a seat belt.  How to protect your baby!

Seat Belt Infographic 1 - ENG