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Brazil’s Dietary Recommendations: World’s Best!

(POR) In a previous post we showed what a typical food pyramid might look like if it followed Brazil’s newest set of dietary guidelines. These guidelines were updated in 2014 by the Ministry of Health of Brazil and entitled: Dietary Guidelines For The Brazilian Population. And according to some sources in the United States, Brazil now appears to have the best nutritional guidelines in the world!

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The Double Pyramid – What to Eat For Health & Environmental Sustainability

(POR) A new set of Dietary Guidelines for the Brazilian Population (LINK) was published in 2014. And although it does not contain a typical “food pyramid” diagram, it does contain clear recommendations on what to eat to maintain optimal health for both you and the environment! We will discuss those in detail in our next posting. In the meantime…

After reading it, we came to the following conclusion: If the publication actually had a food pyramid it would look like the following (see below). This food pyramid was taken from the recommendations of a well known health professional in the United States named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Information about Dr. Fuhrman is at the bottom of this posting.

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Soda and Sports Drinks – Too Much Sugar!

(POR) Here is a basic list of what you need to know about sugar-sweetened beverages. This information is especially important considering how often young children are consuming soda and energy drinks now. Our source: SugarScience.org – a leading authority on the heath consequences of consuming large quantities of refined sugar.

But first – here’s a way to reduce your child’s sugar consumption and increase the number of servings you get per container of juice. Now you can squeeze out 3X as much from your organic juice containers, which easily justifies the price of organic juices!

Diluting Juice 4 - ENG

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Simple, Healthy, Delicious Hamburgers

(POR) This is a very simple recipe for healthy hamburgers that will also double the number of patties that you can make by adding a few easy ingredients. So instead of only making 8-9 hamburgers, you will be able to make 16 at no extra cost! It is also very easy to change the recipe to suit the tastes of different people (see notes below). Try it out and tell us what you think!


Healthy Hamburgers - FB Images 1 - ENG

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Thai Cabbage Salad!

(POR) This is a very simple recipe that can transform common ingredients like cabbage and carrots into an exotic, healthy side-dish for any occasion. It is also very easy to change to suit the tastes of different people (see notes below). Try it out and tell us what you think!


Thai Cabbage Salad 1b - 1200 wide - ENG


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