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Smoking – The Benefits Of Quitting

(POR) Tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic. And about 70 can cause cancer. Here are some of those chemicals…

Cancer-Causing Chemicals

  • Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies
  • Benzene: Found in gasoline
  • Polonium 210: Radioactive and very toxic
  • Vinyl chloride: Used to make pipes …


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Soda and Sports Drinks – Too Much Sugar!

(POR) Here is a basic list of what you need to know about sugar-sweetened beverages. This information is especially important considering how often young children are consuming soda and energy drinks now. Our source: SugarScience.org – a leading authority on the heath consequences of consuming large quantities of refined sugar.

But first – here’s a way to reduce your child’s sugar consumption and increase the number of servings you get per container of juice. Now you can squeeze out 3X as much from your organic juice containers, which easily justifies the price of organic juices!

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Cleanliness In The Kitchen 1

(POR) Don’t leave wooden spoons in the sink…
http://wp.me/p4lLhI-sl  (Portuguese)
http://wp.me/p4lLhI-sc (English)

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3 Good Reasons To Eat Organic Food!

(POR) There are a lot of reasons to eat organic rather than conventionally produced foods. But one of the biggest is concerned with pesticide residue. Dr. Philip Landrigan, the dean of Global Health and director of the Children’s Environmental Health Center at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine was asked the following question: “Why should parents feed their children organic fruits and vegetables and the conventionally­ grown produce that is known to have lower pesticide residues?” Leia mais

The Top 4 Safe Cosmetics Tips For Pregnant Women

(POR) The average woman uses between 9-12 personal care products per day. This means that she is exposing herself to between 126 to 168 unique chemical ingredients. All at once. Every day.  In a previous post we revealed how many harmful/toxic chemicals had been discovered in the blood of newborn babies. As many as 287. But we didn’t say where these chemicals were coming from…

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